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Australian dot art orca #1

"Who was the genius in marketing who called them killer whales instead of sea pandas?" I absolutely love that quote.

I love the ocean and all it's creatures. On this canvas, I have tried to capture some of that love with a painting of a male killer whale or orca. You can tell the gender by the long straight dorsal fin. In the females they are much more curved. They are such majestically beautiful creatures that I just had to paint him. I have also been considering trying out a bit of Australian dot art for a while and so decided to combine the two in this painting.

He is one of a set sold individually. As with all of my work, this one is signed by me with a "bah".

The painting is executed in acrylic on wrapped canvas with two layers of varnish for protection.

9½" (24cm) wide x 7" (18cm) high x 5/8"(1.8cm) thick

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